Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid)


Prácticas curriculares del estudio Máster en Decision Making and Innovation 2.0 (Universidad de Alcalá)

¿Qué ofrece la empresa?

  • 1 plaza de prácticas en FAURECIA AUTOMOTIVE ESPAÑA, S.A. para incorporarse en noviembre 2021
  • Bolsa de ayuda de 800,00€ brutos mensuales
  • 8h. diarias en Jornada completa
  • Centro de prácticas en España: Marie Curie, 19 7º Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid)

¿Qué perfil busca la empresa?

  • Estudiante universitario de grado a falta de 2 asignaturas o Titulado universitario de grado o Titulado universitario pre-Bolonia: Grado en Ingeniería en Informática
  • Competencias en Idiomas: nivel C1 de Inglés.
  • Competencias: Habilidad para trabajar en un contexto Internacional, Orientación al logro, Preocupación por la calidad, Trabajo en equipo.

Plan de formación propuesto

Faurecia is looking for IT Trainee for his headquarter located Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid) Spain

The role of a local IT Trainee will be focus in learn how to maintain the relationship between IT Shared Services and the site, making possible that the users are receiving the agreed service from IT Shared Services, defined in a common service level agreement (SLA) and to become well-verse in the site's SLA with IT Shared Services: track the consistent performance of the system, ensure its functionality and direct its day to day utilization and upkeep.

Training goals:

•             To learn the process of collecting and address site requests: Learning about the implementation of new projects for local applications and infrastructures and technics of improvements in the existing Information Systems

•             Acquire the knowledge to ensure the ownership of the System by the user. If necessary, coordinate: training to user and application of the procedures.

•             Become proficient in the technical and functional first level support to the users assuming the resolution of all kind of IT incidents reported by the users.

•             To master the application of Group standards, especially concerning hardware, software, security policies, software licenses control, inventory, etc.

•             Assimilate and apply IT procedures specific to the site

Candidate´s aptitudes

•             Bachelor’s degree in management with specialization in information technology

•             Good communication and teamwork