Málaga (Málaga)


¿Qué ofrece la empresa?
  • 1 plaza de prácticas en VODAFONE INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS ESPAÑA S.L. de 9 meses para incorporarse en septiembre 2024
  • Bolsa de ayuda de 700,00€ brutos mensuales
  • 5h. diarias en Jornada de mañana
  • Telepráctica semi-presencial
  • Programa START
  • Centro de prácticas en España: Vodafone Innovation Hub Málaga (Málaga)
¿Qué perfil busca la empresa?
  • Estudiante universitario de grado o Estudiante universitario de máster: Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnologías de la Información, Grado en Ingeniería Informática
  • Competencias en Idiomas: nivel C1 de Inglés.
  • Competencias: Habilidad para trabajar en un contexto Internacional, Capacidad de aplicar los conocimientos a la práctica, Orientación al logro, Preocupación por la calidad, Compromiso ético, Iniciativa y espíritu emprendedor, Capacidad para trabajar de forma autónoma, Liderazgo, Trabajo en equipo, Toma de decisiones/resolución de problemas, Capacidad para generar nuevas ideas, Adaptación al cambio, Capacidad crítica y autocrítica, Gestión de la información, Capacidad de aprender, Habilidades básicas de manejo del ordenador, Conocimiento de una lengua extranjera, Comunicación oral y escrita en lengua castellana, Conocimientos básicos de la profesión, Planificación y gestión del tiempo, Capacidad de análisis y síntesis, Motivación, Habilidades interpersonales.
Plan de formación propuesto

DevOps Trainee

About The Role

Our purpose at Vodafone is to connect for a better future. As a Global Communications Technology company, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are forever challenging, pushing boundaries and discovering innovative ways to connect our customers with their digital societies. We connect people, businesses, and communities across the globe to create the future. We earn customer loyalty, experiment, learn fast and get it done, together.

Vodafone is embarking on a global transformation of data & analytics leveraging innovative capabilities of google cloud and are looking for an experienced data transformation led to play a key role in enabling this large-scale delivery.

We are looking for a clear-thinking, problem-solving technologist to join us as a Solutions DevOps Engineer. You will be part of a dynamic team, co-creating solutions for our business customers using Vodafone’s Invent framework, and managing the platform on which a multitude of IoT solutions across Vodafone are built.

While the role is cloud focussed, we’re looking for candidates who aren’t afraid to get involved with the development side. Either hands on or in a more advisory capacity, this is a crucial role in turning solution prototypes into secure, reliable and scalable deployments, responding to each solution’s unique infrastructure requirements.

In addition to supporting the rapid development of bespoke solutions within the team, you will also be responsible for the day to day running of the production Invent platform, supporting a dedicated operations team tasked with ensuring the high availability of live and in-development E2E solutions, helping to fulfil Vodafone’s ambition of becoming a leading provider of E2E Solutions.

As a DevOps trainee, you´ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Learn deployment of cloud infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines to support rapid design, prototyping and development of customer facing IoT solutions.
  • Help to define and implement DevOps strategy and best practices, driving automation and secure by design working within the team.
  • Support to provide leadership to the operations team, ensuring smooth handover from development into operations and supporting the timely resolution of incidents where required.

Ideally you have the following skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of CI/CD and IaC tooling within a cloud environment (Jenkins, Git, Nexus, Ansible, Terraform, AWS etc)
  • Comprehensive Linux administration/deployment experience, including use of modern web, SQL/NoSQL database and containerisation (nginx, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Docker, etc) making use of common scripting languages (Python, Go, Groovy, Shell, etc)
  • Strong networking and security understanding (TCP/IP, Firewalls, Load balancers, OWASP best practices, etc.)
  • An ability to find innovative solutions to problems, developing new ideas where existing practices may not be applicable.
  • Computing or engineering degree strongly preferred.