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Madrid (Madrid)


Prácticas curriculares del estudio Máster en Decision Making and Innovation 2.0 (Universidad de Alcalá)

¿Qué ofrece la empresa?

  • 1 plaza de prácticas en PHILIP MORRIS SPAIN
  • Bolsa de ayuda de 944,00€ brutos mensuales
  • 8h. diarias en Jornada partida
  • Centro de prácticas en España: C/ José Lázaro Galdiano, 6, 28036 - Madrid (Madrid)

¿Qué perfil busca la empresa?

  • Estudiante universitario de grado a falta de 2 asignaturas o Titulado universitario de grado o Titulado universitario pre-Bolonia: Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas ADE
  • Competencias en Idiomas: nivel C1 de Inglés.

Plan de formación propuesto

Be part of a revolutionary change

This is just the beginning. For PMI. For you. Although their tobacco brands have been world famous since the 1900s, they now have a bold new vision: to make cigarette history and create products with the power to improve the lives of billions of smokers worldwide.

Your new outlook and positive mindset can fuel our smoke-free future. You will collaborate on projects that really matter and help us explore a whole new business territory. As you take your first steps, you will have the backing and brainpower of a multinational company, but with the freedom you would normally find in a new company. It is the perfect start to your career.

The opportunity:

At Philip Morris we are looking for an EU Procurement Intern from IM&S (Indirect Materials and Services) in the Department of Government and Planning.

The Government and Planning Department to collaborate in the implementation, align and monitor the execution of the Indirect Materials and Services (IMS) strategy in all local Procurement functions based on:
• Develop and implement planning processes and tools to support IMS goals to increase contribution and focus on capabilities
• Organizational capacities: organizational development, strengthen competencies and improve skills
• Effectiveness and efficiency: Implement best-in-class performance management

Principal functions:

Support the EU Government and Planning manager in the evolution of the Procurement Transformation developing and implementing standard processes and practices, common performance evaluation and methodologies.

Support the Planning Manager to develop and direct planning activities throughout the financial year and apply them within IMS to ensure adherence to the process leading to a more robust IMS plan.

Candidate's appoints:

Have a university degree in business administration, engineering, or other relevant degree.

  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suit
  • o good communication skills


• Previous experience in acquisition roles or some acquisition knowledge