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Meet-Up: Nanosatélites: nuevos servicios, nuevas oportunidades Curso


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Contenido del curso

February is here and with it, a new Meet-Up PREMIUM by FUE

We have invited Lola López Gilabert, Operations Engineer and alumni of GAIA by FUE

The Meet-Up PREMIUM by FUE will take place next 19th of February at 19.30, online via Crowdcast 

The main contents the expert will be covering along the meetup: 

1.    Introduction: What is a satellite?

2.    Evolution: From big satellites to nanosatellites

3.    Nanosatellites’ utility: The role of the companies

4.    Introduction to Astrocast: A new project

5.    Expert’s personal experience 

Do not forget that the session will be in Spanish and you can also answer in Spanish as well.

Remember that since it is a Meet-Up, not an online conference, the expert will carry out a little presentation followed by an extensive debate among the attendants.

It will be a good opportunity for you to ask the expert all the questions you may have about this topic, take advantage of her experience and knowledge!

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