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Land Development / Project Developer Empleo

Grenergy Renovables S.A.


¿Qué ofrece la empresa?
  • 2 plazas en Grenergy Renovables S.A. de 36 meses
  • Remuneración de 2.500,00€ brutos mensuales
  • 8h. diarias en Jornada completa
¿Qué perfil busca la empresa?
  • Titulado universitario de grado o Titulado universitario con máster: Grado en Ingeniería en Química Industrial, Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnología Industrial, Grado en Organización Industrial, Grado en Ingeniería de Energías Renovables, Grado en Ingeniería de la Energía, Máster en Energías Renovables, Máster en Energía
  • Competencias en Idiomas: nivel C1 de Inglés.
  • Competencias: Capacidad de aplicar los conocimientos a la práctica, Preocupación por la calidad, Trabajo en equipo, Capacidad de aprender, Planificación y gestión del tiempo, Capacidad de análisis y síntesis, Motivación.
Pruebas de competencias

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¿Qué funciones y Tareas se desarrollarán?

Grenergy Renovables is a project developer and an Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) that generates energy through renewable sources. Our core business is the development, construction, operation, maintenance and sale of power generating solar photovoltaic and wind energy plants.

Job details:

The candiate will be in charge to develop Grenergy’s business in UK focusing on the company’s large-scale pipeline.

This is a new role within Grenergy and is created in a response to the increased opportunities for large scale PV deployment in UK. Grenergy is perfectly placed to exploit the exciting new opportunities in this market, and this new role will present the successful candidate with a unique chance to shape and grow that business. This position is based in UK and requires regular travel within UK and infrequent travel overseas.

Key activities and responsibilities:

  • Identifying land opportunities based on established network
  • Identifying project opportunities based in market opportunities
  • Develop relationship with key landowners
  • Negotiating land/project agreements
  • Identifying local land prospectors, negotiating land finding agreements and managing the relationship
  • Promoting of projects to local authorities and individuals
  • Market research for new opportunities
  • Developing an in-depth knowledge of local market legislation, regulations, support schemes etc
  • Presenting projects internally
  • Working hand-to-hand with development managers
  • Internal pipeline management and reporting
  • Preparing feasibility studies including administrative, environmental, urbanism and technical aspects
  • Participating to tender responses

Qualifications and experience:

  • Whilst there are no mandatory qualifications required for the role, the successful candidate will be familiar with the development for large scale solar farms in UK and will have a meaningful experience in land prospection. 
  • Good commercial and communication skills are vital.
  • The successful candidate will ideally have worked at either a Wind or Solar developer and have delivered a high number of opportunities.
  • Experienced in the identification and acquisition of land in the field of renewable energies or real estate
  • Fluency in English is also a requirement.