The Master's Degree in Productivity and Personal Development at Camilo José Cela University combines a collaborative learning model aimed at acquiring professional skills with an internship at one of our partner companies. It is developed, therefore, in two aspects: an academic training plan and an internship plan in a company.

  This Postgraduate study can be taken by young people who already have a previous university degree, obtaining the title of Master in Productivity and Personal Development of the Camilo José Cela University, as well as by young university students who are going to graduate soon or who have obtained a Higher Professional Training degree, in which case they will obtain the Higher Training degree in Productivity and Personal Development of the University Camilo José Cela.

Characteristics of the internship period

  • Study grant: A minimum amount of €700 gross per month.
  • Duration: The duration of the Program is 6 months (extendable to 12), with the rest period determined by the company.
  • Schedule: Full-time, according to company hours.
  • Receiving company certificate.

Pillars of the study

Development of personal skills

The academic training of the bases student learning on the acquisition of personal skills that foster their development and help them get to know each other better. In this way, a 360º development of the student is favored, since this personal development does nothing more than complement their acquisition of professional skills in the company.

Skills and competencies such as teamwork, personal and social responsibility, critical thinking, communication skills and the promotion of intra-entrepreneurship are fundamental objectives of our Program.

Individual and collaborative innovation and learning

The academic training of the Course in Productivity and Personnel Development is carried out in an online knowledge community, through a collaborative platform, which allows interaction with the content and easy access to the subjects covered in the Training Program.

This innovative and flexible methodology based on both individual and collaborative learning allows knowledge to be distributed cumulatively, encouraging participation and enrichment.

The academic training of the Course in Productivity and Personnel Development is also based on gamification as a tool to promote learning and encourage engagement.

On the other hand, the evaluation is mainly based on co-evaluation by peers and constructive feedback, which achieves completely personalized learning experiences.

Improving employability

The Course in Productivity and Personnel Development helps students in the development of their transversal skills thanks to the training content and through new technological applications, which favors their employability.

In addition, thanks to the study they experience their first contact with the professional world by applying the knowledge they acquire during their academic training in a real business environment.

Online training makes it possible to combine study with internships in the company.

Academic Accreditation

  • The Master in Productivity and Personal Development is a Degree of the Camilo José Cela University.
  • The Postgraduate Course in Productivity and Personal Development is a joint initiative of the Camilo José Cela University and the University-Business Foundation, whose objective is to unite the university and business worlds, betting on talent management among companies.

Admission and registration

To access the Master in Productivity and Personnel Development, it will be necessary to meet the following

General requirements:

  • Be a Spanish citizen or foreigner with a residence permit.
  • Not be more than 30 years old.
  • Not having previously enjoyed an internship with similar characteristics.
  • Not having professional experience related to the degree after the studies.
  • Not having had a professional relationship with the receiving company after completing the studies.
  • Have an official university degree, approved or homologated, of Higher Level FP, graduate, diploma, graduate, architect, technical architect, engineer or technical engineer , that is adapted to the places offered in each call.
  • Have obtained the official university degree or Higher Level Vocational Training, homologated or homologated in the last 4 years.

Training Program

Personal Development

Encourage reflection on the skills that make you employable and learn to manage your personal brand.
7 ECTS credits


Improve personal communication skills and communication in the company.
7 ECTS credits


Integrate technology into your personal and professional life, enhancing time management and mindfulness skills that strengthen emotional intelligence.
7 ECTS credits


Learn sales techniques and put digital marketing techniques into practice.
7 ECTS credits


Learn work methodologies used in innovation processes.
7 ECTS credits

Decision making

Strengthen negotiation skills and assertiveness.
7 ECTS credits

Innovation Methods

Learn work methods used in innovation processes.
6 ECTS credits

Internships in company

The student will develop their skills by doing internships in leading companies.
30 ECTS credits

Final Work

The Final Degree Project is the culmination of learning and the development of skills.
12 ECTS credits