The FUE grants

BBVA Liquid Junior – FUE Internship Programme

The BBVA Liquid Junior - FUE Scholarship Program is a postgraduate program for recent graduates that allows developing skills related to digital banking, in an innovative environment and applying fundamental tools for the future of the sector and combining the theoretical training with an internship at BBVA, in the context of its Liquid Junior training program.

Telefónica CDCO – FUE Internship Programme

The Telefónica CDCO Scholarship Program - & nbsp; FUE is a program that combines the course of & nbsp; Higher Education in Agile Organizations and Digital Transformation & nbsp; of the University of Alcalá with an internship at Telefónica CDCO.

The importance of tutoring

Students awarded by FUE will have the possibility of doing internships in one of our partner companies as part of their training program at the university. From FUE we ensure that each internship has the highest quality and rigor possible and for this we assign, together with the University and the Company, an academic tutor, a business tutor and an internship tutor.

Academic tutor

The academic tutors monitor and tutor the student in each of the subjects that make up the Postgraduate Curriculum. Each tutor ensures the maximum use of this postgraduate university training by students and monitors their performance to maximize the acquisition of skills in students.

Business tutor

The company in which the student takes the internship course assigns a business tutor for each student. This tutor is in charge of proposing the training project that the student will follow throughout their practices, detailing what the objectives to be met and what the transversal and specific competences to acquire. The business tutor provides regular feedback to the student and completes the follow-up reports evaluating their performance.

Internship tutor

The internship tutoring team carries out an individual follow-up of the internship course taken by each student, in order to guarantee both their training in them as provided in the Training Project and the fulfillment of the commitments acquired by each of the parts For this, students and tutors are requested, follow-up reports at different times of the internship, as well as competency tests at the beginning and end of the practice to work on the development of each student's skills .