Canal de Isabel II is the company responsible for the integral water cycle in the Community of Madrid.

The objective of the company is to guarantee all its customers the supply of water, in quantity and quality, and actively contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment for the benefit of the whole society. For this, its more than two thousand five hundred workers fulfill their task with maximum efficiency, making use of the most modern technology. This allows the company to position itself in a leading position and leader in the sector of the Integral Water Cycle.

¿What we do in Canal de Isabel II?


To provide the amount of water needed to supply all the inhabitants of the Madrid region, Canal has both surface water and groundwater.


Transforming the natural water from the reservoirs and other catchments into water suitable for human consumption is achieved through the different processes that are carried out in the drinking water treatment stations (ETAP).


From the treatment stations to the user's tap, a series of facilities are managed to ensure the maintenance of the water supply service, continuously and with the required pressure.


It covers the transport of waste water, through urban drainage networks, to sewage treatment plants (WWTP), the subsequent purification of these and their return to the riverbed in optimum conditions for the environment.

Water quality

We apply a strict program of monitoring of drinking water, from the source of supply to its delivery to the consumer, to guarantee its quality at all times. In the same way, the quality of the treated wastewater is controlled.

Control center

The remote control system allows us to know in real time the hydraulic situation of the catchment, distribution and sanitation infrastructures, the state of water quality and other important parameters for the management of the integral water cycle.

Our offers for you

What we offer?

  • Full-time paid practices.
  • Location: Sedes Canal de Isabel II.
  • Duration: 12 months.
  • Start date: depending on the offer
  • Financial aid: 900€ per month