We are proud that HUAWEI has established itself as a leading technology company, directing the digital transformation in Europe, and for Europe.

We have the vision and the passion to create a new scenario in Europe where technology, ideas and people come together to unlock something really special. It will not be easy, as nothing ambitious is ever, but it is our opportunity to build a totally connected future for our customers and for our employees.

At HUAWEI we are looking for profiles like yours.
Young talent taking first decisions of professional development. CHOICES.
To which to contribute the guide to turn that future into reality. STEPS.

CHOICES & STEPS is our work philosophy for the incorporation of talented young people, a new attitude in which personal and professional development is built by the employee.

Within Huawei, depending on your profile and professional moment, we have different development opportunities:


The program for senior students or recent graduates seeking a first professional experience in the business world. The program combines academic training and internships at HUAWEI.


With these internships university students connect with Huawei, with their classmates and with themselves thanks to a very special transversal training program. 


Our professional development program for the best ICT profiles of the company, called to become the maximum talent of HUAWEI.


With the program The Future of ICT, Huawei awards 15 young people with training in new technologies (Cloud Computing, Big Data, 5G networks) for two weeks in China, fully subsidized by the company.